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Adaptive Programming

Glenmore is currently collaborating with community to develop Adaptive gymnastics programs that best serve the needs of the community. Two of our program partners are presently working with our group of qualified coaches and staff in trial programs. The feedback from these sessions will be instrumental in what the final programs will look like.

Our InGym Inclusive Gymnastics program will offer the flexibility of gym rentals, private classes, and group classes for adults and youth. As it says in the name, our goal is to make these programs as inclusive as possible.

If you would like to take part in our "early adopter" program and help shape what our adaptive program could look like, please get in touch with Catherine Butt-Vallieres at to learn more about what we can offer you and the community.

We don't want to build a program FOR you, we want to build a program WITH you!

Current Programs

Adaptive schedule and registration

To drop a class you are currently enrolled in, please fill out the form HERE to notify the club of your intentions and the date on which you would wish to drop the class.

PLEASE NOTE: Class fees do not include the monthly $5 Facility Enhancement Fee or the annual Alberta Gymnastics Federation membership fee.

Private Classes

Private classes are available to be booked upon request. These one or two hour classes can be customized and structured to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual or group. Caregivers and/or support person(s) are welcome to stay in the gym during class with one caregiver able to follow the class with each participant.

Availability and scheduling of private classes is dependent on coach and gym availability.

For more information and to book a private class, please contact Catherine at

Group Classes

Glenmore's group classes follow the gymnastics skill progressions of the CANGYM program - starting at a beginner level and progressing up through more advanced levels. Once an athlete obtains the skills to pass a level, they will receive a badge and report card and progress to the next level. For more information on the CANGYM levels, please click here

There are two available options for group classes:

Option one: A two hour class with a 6:1 participant to coach ratio.
Option two: A one hour class with a 4:1 participant to coach ratio.

For more information or to register for a group class, please contact Catherine at

Gym Rentals

Glenmore's gym space is available for either a full or partial rental. A full rental includes use of the entire facility including use of all equipment and snack rooms. A partial rental includes use of the gymnastics sprung floor area with no access to other equipment (vault, bars, beams, and trampolines).

All rentals will have coach supervision but activity will be unstructured. The supervising coach will ensure activities are safe but will not set up any stations for the group or spot any skills.

Gym rental availability is dependant on current levels of registered programming.

For more information or to book a gym rental for your group, please contact Catherine at

Working with the community to
to develop programs that
meet your needs!