Ages 4-5

Kindergym Programs

Glenmore's Kindergym classes run one day a week and are divided into Kindergym (Age 4-5) and Advanced Kindergym (Age 5.5-6). During the classes, children will be introduced to a variety of gymnastics equipment and skills that focus on developing balance, coordination, and other basic movements that will be transferable to any sport. Your child will gain confidence knowing what their bodies can do! All participants will receive a certificate and a ribbon upon completion of the levels within the class.

Kindergym - Age 4-5

Kindergym classes are unparented and 60 minutes in length. Parents are welcome to watch from the parent viewing area while their young athletes learn skills and gain confidence on all the equipment in the gym.

Advanced Kindergym - Age 5.5-6

Advanced Kindergym is a 90 minute unparented class to help athletes transition from Kindergym to CANGYM. Progressing from the skills learned in Kindergym 2, Advanced Kindergym has a good mix of basic gymnastics skills but longer rotations to allow the participants to become more comfortable with attending longer CANGYM classes when they turn 6.

Kindergym schedule and registration

To drop a class you are currently enrolled in, please fill out the form HERE to notify the club of your intentions and the date on which you would wish to drop the class.


Class fees do not include the monthly $5 Facility Enhancement Fee or the annual Alberta Gymnastics Federation membership fee.

Registration is ongoing for all classes!
We look forward to seeing your
smiling faces in the gym!